Athlete Spotlight: Giovanni Cabrera

Athlete Spotlight: Giovanni Cabrera

AS A PROFESSIONAL BOXER, Giovanni Cabrera relies heavily on strong foot and ankle health. A left hook and right jab are only as effective as a boxer's quick footwork and that’s why Gio only trusts Lasso performance socks to get the job done in and out of the ring. 


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To say Giovanni is a talented boxer would be quite an understatement. He’s undefeated in the ring, 18 and 0, with seven knock-outs, which are stats that should never be overlooked, but he tells us he’s always been an underdog. When you think about it, it's really no surprise, as oftentimes this mindset is what fuels the fire inside. He’s been molded into the athlete he is today because of it. 

Gio grew up a little different than the average kid. He tells us, “We moved around a lot when I was a kid. I was always at a new school, so I became pretty good at defending myself.” Being the new kid at school, especially at such a young age, is never an easy transition. Gio had to grow an extra layer of thick skin to get through the days, and he did. When Gio was 16, his brother asked for a pair of boxing gloves and Giovanni purchased two sets. Little did he know, that weekend would spark an undying flame inside of him, one that would pave the way on his current journey. “That weekend we threw the gloves on with our buddies who were all my brother's size—anywhere from 5’10 to 6’0. They were all football players. I was about 5’6 135 lbs.—needless to say my upbringing resulted in a savage windmilling of punches that their suburban upbringing couldn't take for too long. It usually ended with me making someone's nose bleed,” he laughs. “We were all amused at the fact that my small size could contend with these guys. That’s when I thought to myself... Maybe this could be my calling?” And it was this realization that placed Cabrera on his destined path. 

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Every aspiring athlete needs the best equipment possible, and items like socks and apparel are no minor part of this equation—especially in the world of boxing. Any enthusiast in the sport will tell you that a boxer's most important part of their game plan is their footwork, and Lasso athletic socks were literally designed with athletes like this in mind. With Lasso, you’re given the gift of better movement; you're given the freedom of mobility while receiving compression in the areas that need it most. The targeted compression weave patterns in Lasso performance socks reinforce key ligaments and tendons to stabilize the foot and ankle and this was something Gio realized early on. Since then, he hasn't looked back. “Everything a boxer does begins with the feet,” he explains. “Lasso athletic socks have been incredible. The style of compression in the socks gives support in all the right places, the places where you push off of your feet or pivot. They really do make you more comfortable in the ring—and if you're comfortable you’re confident.” Comfort and confidence go hand in hand. In and out of the ring, Gio has found the support he needs to move confidently with Lasso compression socks on his feet and it's a real treat watching him move forward and succeed. Cabrera knows that confidence is key, and he can move freely and comfortably when wearing Lasso. Plain and simple. He tacks on, “Confidence is the first step in winning the fight.”


"Lasso athletic socks are perfect for aiding the mastery of footwork."



Gio’s athletic journey has always been lined with respect. It's fueled by the desire to make a name for himself and simply see how far he can go. No gimmicks, no loop holes. This is a big part of what keeps him moving. “The challenge has always been catching up,” he tells us. “I have always learned boxing on my own, never having had a steady trainer during the amateurs. It was always up to me to watch and study the greats like Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson, Roberto Duran, and try to emulate their styles. What has driven me here today is to cement the Cabrera name amongst the great champions of the past. That has kept me moving the strongest,” says Gio. “Kind of like an Achilles mentality—fighting until I find the great wars that will leave behind my story. My biggest priority is to take care of my family who has worked so hard to make me who I am today. I would like to be with my father in the Bahamas somewhere saying, ‘We did it pops.’”

As an athlete and a person, one of Gio's major strengths is that he's daring enough to execute what he visualizes. Nothing will stop him from reaching his goals. Emphasizing on this, he tells us, "However out of reach it may seem doesn't really matter to me. We only get to live one life and I have taken control of my destiny and have become the director of my story. Whether it is a professional endeavor or a combination in the ring, if I believe in it, I'll go for it." This is the attitude any aspiring athlete must possess, especially one with dreams as big as Gio's. As an undefeated fighter, it's safe to say he's well on his way. The Stay Moving mentality is engraved in his DNA and you'll always find Lasso performance socks in Gio's gym bag. It's inspiring to see Gio Lasso Up and move through his life, both personally and professionally, with such a humble confidence. Lasso performance socks provide this feeling to anyone willing to slide into a pair and start moving. Just ask Gio!  

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"I demand that my equipment looks fresh,” says Gio. “If you look good you usually feel good, but also, whatever it is has to be aiding me in my task at hand. Lasso athletic socks are perfect for aiding the mastery of footwork. Hands down." And if Lasso performance socks promote better mobility and overall movement for an undefeated boxer, you can bet they'll amplify your performance as well. Gio concludes. Lasso socks keep you dry, supported, and protected with the cushioned soles,” he exclaims. “I definitely see them helping elevate the skills of future generations of fighters to come.”


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