5 Home Workouts To Strengthen Feet And Ankles

5 Home Workouts To Strengthen Feet And Ankles

THE SPRING OF 2020 brought with it many changes, surprises, innovation and a lot of resilience. The ingenuity we all put forth to promote wellness and exercise from the confines of our homes is impressive, to say the least. Workout routines have been reinvented. Our homes, condos and apartments have been transformed into our own personal gyms. Coffee tables have been pushed aside, floors have been cleared of possessions, doorways are no longer just for walking through. Yoga mats and common exercise equipment sales have skyrocketed. Virtual workouts are blossoming. Mobile exercise bikes have been purchased. And we’re doing it all for the sake of movement; for betterment. To promote health and wellness with one another. 



Our feet and ankles carry us through the day. They’re like our own personal support systems. So why not treat them right? Lasso athletic compression socks compliment every type of home workout routine, from a quick yoga session, to HIIT workouts, to those scenic, stationary bike rides and beyond. The unique compression technology in Lasso performance socks stands alone and separates Lasso from the average men’s and women’s compression sock. Designed to enhance mobility and promote better recovery, Lasso compression socks are a tool for success for anyone leading a healthy lifestyle.

At the end of the day, we’re fans of movement, and we’ve tallied up five simple, straightforward home workouts to strengthen your feet and ankles, promote overall wellness and help you Stay Moving as we continue to charge into 2021 and beyond!


Practice Yoga

One way to promote better health and overall movement is by practicing yoga. Yoga benefits our bodies in so many ways, but certain stretches really promote positive movements in our ankles, knees and feet. Mountain Pose, Tree Pose, Upward Facing Dog, and Warrior 2 pose are just a few examples of great stretches for your feet and ankles. These postures focus primarily on stability, balance, strength, agility, and flexibility. Lasso performance socks amplify your practice and offer support where it’s needed the most while providing dependable recovery when it’s time to rest. 




High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Workouts)

High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to gain strength in short, intense intervals. The benefits Lasso provides during workouts like these is unparalleled, both during and after each interval. Things like lunges and high knees, crunches and squats, really test the strength of our ankles and feet. And while training is the cake, recovery is the cherry on top. Thankfully, Lasso athletic socks provide great joint stability and support during training and recovery, and ultimately improve your overall circulation and mobility so you can get back to doing what you love. Lasso Up and feel the difference.




Ride A Stationary Exercise Bike 

Stationary bikes have been a craze within a craze this past year. And they come in all shapes and sizes. But issues like achilles tendonitis can still result from overuse, similar to riding an actual bike. Lasso compression socks combat issues like achilles tendonitis and promote better movement, whether you’re on mile 100 or recovering from a quick ride. There’s no denying this craze has really motivated people to get off the couch, on the bike and move, and we couldn’t be happier. Mainly because we’ve heard the success stories from long distance bike riders wearing Lasso performance socks—and wearing them during your stationary bike workouts is no different. The support you need when logging miles on the road is still needed when you’re logging VR miles in your living room! Pull on your Lasso socks and ride with confidence.




Join A Digital Workout Class

Social distancing aside, working out in general has still remained very social. The distance between you and your workout buddy might be hundreds of miles, but their smiling face is still gleaming on your screen inches away from yours. Apps like SweatPack have found success in bringing people together digitally. But these workouts, although from home, still involve just as much wear and tear as a session at the gym, and we still need to treat our bodies fairly. Safe, effective workouts are just as important as the gear we actually use. The right shoes and socks should never be overlooked, whether at home or elsewhere. Things like inflamed tendons, sore ankles and irritated muscles will be merely an afterthought when you pull on some Lasso performance socks and put them to the test during your next digital workout class!




Go For A Walk 

It’s simple. It’s timeless. It’s effective. Walking is one of the easiest ways to promote health and live an active lifestyle. The only difference in a walk with Lasso compression socks and a walk without, are all the benefits you’ll be missing out on! Whether up the street at your neighborhood park or trail, or small laps around the house, walking is one of the best things we can do to Stay Moving and the support Lasso compression socks provide for these casual walks (or enduring runs alike) is extremely important. From reduced swelling to amplified foot and ankle stimulation, you’ll feel the unique compression benefits and added support first wear. And we can bet you’ll never want to take another pair of socks on a walk again. 



Take these five home-workouts with you on your fitness journey, wherever it may lead. Move with confidence, move with meaning. Move with us! No matter what, just stay moving and continue to charge into 2021 and beyond!