How long should I wear compression stockings after surgery?

How long should I wear compression stockings after surgery?

Compression socks are mainly recommended after surgery to improve leg movements.

The purpose of using this Compression sock after surgery is to remove the blood clots. Using compression socks after surgery helps reduce swelling and pain in the leg. Moreover, it helps to enhance the blood circulation level in the body. 

Doctors mainly recommend compression socks after leg surgery. Wearing the sock during the day is beneficial for preventing swelling. If you want to wear compression socks after surgery, go for them. It will help you to enhance your blood circulation level. You need to wear it on your legs in the morning and at night. 

How long do you need to wear compression socks?

You should wear this sock for 24 hours if you suffer from long-term pain. It will help your blood circulation and reduce swelling in the leg.

Compression socks work therapeutically because blood circulation is done properly in the leg. Wearing it consistently for 6 to 8 hours is a great start for working up.

This helps to get positive benefits and reduces the blood clots from the leg. Because of using compression socks properly, you can return to your regular activity early. 

Best compression socks after surgery 

There are a variety of compression socks, and all the socks are properly designed. Properly designed socks are helpful for early recovery after surgery.

Compression socks are best after surgery because they prevent legs from swelling. In this case, choosing the right compression socks is important for long-term results. 

The 4 main types of compression socks are available in the market, which is discussed below.


Cotton socks are very demandable because they provide flexibility to the users. During the summer month, it will help users to feel comfortable after wearing it. Moreover, it has a lightweight and breathable nature. 

Merino wool

Some compression socks are made of merino wools that are good for regulating the temperatures. These types of socks are very beneficial for sports or other outdoor activities. Merino wool compression socks are beneficial for those who have sensory leg problems. 


Nylon compression socks help you use them for a longer time. It is well designed by marinating at a high quality. Moreover, Nylon compression socks provide comfort and eliminate toe problems. It would be best if you used nylon compression socks for the early receiver of your leg.  

Moisture wick nylon 

These compression socks are high-quality and provide good comfort to the users. Most of the customers preferred these socks because of temperature regulation. Because of these comfortable features, doctors are recommended post-surgery. 

So these types of compression socks are mostly recommended by doctors, and it provides prevention of swelling. Compression socks help remove the irritation and enhance the blood circulation in the leg. 

Is it good to use compression socks longer after surgery? 

Yes, using compression socks longer is beneficial for ensuring blood circulation in the leg. Compression socks for 4-6 hours are good, but long-term use can create skin irritation. Some cotton compression socks help improve blood circulation, but using the right compression socks can create skin problems. 

In order to avoid this, you can use compression socks made of good quality fabrics. These compression socks will help you use them long-term after the surgery. Using compression socks daily 4-6 hours daily and you need to put  your leg to rest. This will help you to recover your legs. 

After the surgery, you need to wear compression socks for 6 weeks because it will help reduce the leg's swelling and increase the blood circulation level. Appropriately using this and following all the aspects can help you to deal with post surgical things. Apart from that, compression socks are beneficial for reducing other major risks. 


This concludes the importance of compression socks after surgery and their duration. Doctors mostly recommend compression socks because it helps to reduce swelling and enhance blood circulation. Using compression socks after surgery can help to reduce the chances of blood clotting. 

So using compression socks for 6 weeks after the surgery enhances blood circulation and reduces post-surgery risks. For getting long-term benefit and early recovery from the surgery using compression socks will be the right option for you.