How long Should you wear Compression Socks for Swollen Feet

How long Should you wear Compression Socks for Swollen Feet

Swollen feet are a common problem during pregnancy. Compression socks play a very important role in swollen feet. In this article I will tell you how long you need to wear compression socks to control swollen feet. Nowadays, leg swelling is commonly seen among people; because of this, they can't walk properly.   

I am aware of the complications of leg swelling because I have gone through this situation. So, through this blog, I will share the reason for swollen feet and their complications. Moreover, I will also discuss the role of compression socks in mitigating complications of swelling feet and the process of using them. 

Due to swollen feet, people can't move properly from one place to another, creating difficulties for them in daily activities. If you are facing the same problem, you should check out this blog for information regarding swollen feet. 

What are Swollen Feet?

Leg swelling or swollen feet mainly occur due to fluid retention in the tissues of the leg. This condition is also known as peripheral edema. It can be caused by creating a problem in venous blood circulation.

Joint pain also occurs due to swelling, which can build up the fluid in the tissues of the leg. 

Symptoms of swelling leg 

  • Puffiness in the leg is   the major symptom of leg swelling
  • Stretched or shiny skin 
  • After being pushed for a few seconds, skin that has dimples
  • Increased the abdominal size

So these are common symptoms of swollen feet, and people usually face difficulties walking in this situation.

Cause of  leg swelling

Leg swelling or swollen feet are commonly seen among people. The main reason for this situation is to sit and stand in one position for a long period.

Eating too much salty food can be the reason for swollen feet. Having Excessive body weight can also be responsible for leg swelling. 

The Role of Compression Socks in Controlling Swollen Feet

Compression socks are a useful medication for treating this problem. In order to reduce swollen feet, you need to use compression socks because they improve blood circulation and stretcheth the tissues in the leg.

The main benefit of using compression socks is to prevent fluid retention in the tissues of the leg. Most doctors recommend using compression socks to remove leg swelling.   

What is the time to use compression socks?

Compression socks have potential advantages, such as it improves blood circulation and removes muscle cramps. Using compression socks, according to the guidance of doctors, can help heal swollen feet.

Before going to sleep and bathing, you can use compression socks. Moreover, you have to use quality-based compression socks because of the good fibers. So, if you suffer from swollen legs, fatigue, and muscle cramps, you must use compression socks.

In this situation, you should use knee-high compression socks because it helps to improve the blood circulation in the tissues and decreases the chances of leg swelling. 

How long do you use compression socks?

Using compression socks for 10-12 hours will be beneficial because it will help stretch the leg's tissues. This will also support your daily activities, and you must remove your socks before bed.

Because using compression socks overnight can be responsible for forming skin problems such as rash, itching etc. This is also beneficial for mitigating sprained ankle problems and boosting blood circulation in the tissues.

So when you use compression socks to mitigate swollen feet, you must know how to use them. 


This blog concludes with the importance of compression socks for mitigating swollen feet. Swollen feet are a common problem for most people, and it also hampers daily activities.

You should use compression socks for recovery if you suffer from leg swelling. Through this post, I have shared my swollen feet-related complications. Now it's your turn to share your reason and complications of swollen feet in the comment section.