Preventing Ankle Sprains - Why Lasso Is The Best Solution

Preventing Ankle Sprains - Why Lasso Is The Best Solution

IF YOU HAVE an ankle sprain, you're probably itching to get moving again without the instability and pain, but you don't want to re-injure yourself. Chances are you are using an ankle brace or ankle tape for support, but these solutions can be unsafe in the long term.

 Lasso Socks Preventing Ankle Sprains


Ankle Braces And Tape Weaken Your Ankle

When ankle braces and tape are worn, they are very restrictive to motion and this can cause weakening in the ankle joint over the long term. They can be great solutions for rehab, but the issue is that many people wear these solutions far longer than the appropriate rehab term.

How Lasso Helps

We designed Lasso as a simple slip on solution to help support your ankle without over-supporting it.

When you look at the pattern of ligaments and tendons around the ankle, and the way ankle tape is applied to a weak ankle, you'll notice that Lasso follows the same patterns to help support you.

Lasso is designed not to apply support to your joint until it reaches the extremes of its motion. Our patent pending compression technology reacts to your motion and supports you when you need it.

Instead of putting on and lacing up a brace, or taping your joint, just pull Lasso up for instant ankle support.