Plantar Fasciitis | Why Lasso Is The Best Solution

Plantar Fasciitis | Why Lasso Is The Best Solution

IF YOU HAVE plantar fasciitis, you're not stranger to the sharp pain in your foot and heel area. It is caused by the inflammation of the plantar fascia which connects the heel bone to the toes, which results in sharp pains.

 Lasso Plantar Fasciitis



Most treatments include new shoes or insoles, physical therapy, or steroid injections.

Others often resort to utilizing Kinesio tape methods to apply compression to the tissue. This can usually help support the tissue, while allowing it to rest.


How Lasso Helps

We designed Lasso a simple slip on solution to help rehab and mitigate plantar fasciitis pain.

When you look at the taping pattern for plantar fasciitis, you will find compression being applied in the arch and just in front of the heel, along with bands that run along the side of the anke and up the leg, and along the underside and back of the foot.

When we designed Lasso we created the same levels of compression within our sock design, so you don't need taping expertise to get the support you need to continue your day.

Lasso socks utilize two vertical bands adjacent to the ankle to stabilize the ankle, and a band that wraps around the Achilles.

Lasso also stabilizes the ankle and supports the arch, and its specially designed compression fibers react to the way you move to only provide support when you need it.

This makes Lasso the easiest solution for plantar fasciitis pain relief, it's as simple as putting on a sock.