How Compression Socks Can Help Reduce Inflammation and Pain?

How Compression Socks Can Help Reduce Inflammation and Pain?

ACTIVE MINDED INDIVIDUALS are finding out how compression socks can help reduce inflammation and pain. Traditionally, runners and other athletes have used medical tape to support their ankles when running or playing a sport. This helped to give the ankles more support during strenuous movement. This tape remedy also was used after an ankle or foot injury. The problem was that this treatment was bulky, tended to be too stiff and could be hot and uncomfortable.

 Lasso Socks Reduce Inflammation


Why Lasso Socks are Used in Injury Prevention

Those that are involved in sports like basketball, soccer and hockey depend on their ankles to be flexible during the necessary intense motions. Others that enjoy taking an evening jog or training for a marathon run also rely on their ankles, calf muscles and feet to perform the movements necessary while running. It is easy to sprain an ankle possibly damaging tendons or ligaments in the process. Now, runners and other active men and women can wear specialized performance socks designed with the ankle support commonly found in medical taping woven into the cool, comfortable and thin sock fabric.

How Lasso Compression Socks Reduce Inflammation and Pain Following an Injury

Ankle injuries can be very painful and limiting to ambulation. The injury site and surrounding area can swell as the body tries to heal. This inflammation can cause more pressure on the tender ligaments, nerves and tendons causing even more pain. These revolutionary performance socks can aid the body as it heals by improving blood circulation and providing the necessary after injury support that doctor's typically recommend. These lightweight and breathable support socks are ideal for wear during the rehabilitation time following a serious ankle injury.

Consider Wearing Supportive Lasso Socks to Improve Performance

These impressive compression socks provide reactive support, strength and stability to the ankles. This can significantly improve the wearer's performance. Unlike other ankle support methods, these remarkable socks are made of soft fabric that is reinforced to pad strike areas without sacrificing comfort or motion ability. The wearer can feel confident, and the patented compression technology of these amazing socks has been shown to dramatically reduce the ankle rolling that is the most common cause of severe ankle injuries. Click here to learn more about how Lasso Athletic Compression Socks are being used in injury prevention and performance improvement.