Barefoot Work-From-Home Is Causing Injuries and Pain

Barefoot Work-From-Home Is Causing Injuries and Pain

ACCORDING TO A RECENT article in Footwear News by Barbara Schneider-Levy, one of the unfortunate side effects of working from home is the lack of support from shoes, as a lot of people choose not to wear their shoes inside the house. In fact, walking around or standing barefoot for time periods longer than we are used to can result in conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel pain, tendonitis, sprains, and even stress fractures.

 Lasso Barefoot Work Causes Injuries


Additionally, for individuals who are prone to circulation related conditions, varicose veins, or foot swelling, they are at higher risk of these conditions worsening during this extended period of work from home because of the lack of compression that is typically provided by socks and shoes.

Lastly, Levy explains that when exercising at home, foot injuries occur at higher frequency when people choose not to wear their shoes or any form of foot protection. Understandably, it can be unnerving to wear shoes you wear outside indoors during a pandemic.

One potential solution to alleviating the pain and risk of foot and circulatory conditions is to wear Lasso Socks 2.0. These socks are used by physicians to treat plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, sprains, and circulation issues like varicose veins, and foot swelling. These socks provide both gradient compression, with helps with circulation, and foot and ankle support and stability, which reinforces key ligaments and improves proprioception. They are a must have for home workouts and to help the body accommodate to the lifestyle change of working from home without having to wear shoes indoors.

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