Achilles Pain | Why Lasso Is The Best Solution

Achilles Pain | Why Lasso Is The Best Solution

We've all dealt with Achilles pain before, whether it is from a lack of stretching, overuse, or tendinitis.

When it comes to treating an Achilles injury, recovery times can be very long because the Achilles has a low blood supply due to its location on the body.




Most physicians recommend variations of rest, ice, and compression therapy, as well as changes in footwear, and there have been reports of vast improvement in Achilles health with compression worn throughout the day.

Others often resort to utilizing Kinesio tape methods to apply compression to the Achilles and help with healing. While kinesio tape can be helpful, the application often requires another person to be present and a deep understanding of the science behind where the tape is placed.


How Lasso Helps

We designed Lasso a simple slip on solution to help rehab and mitigate Achilles pain and injuries.

When you look at the taping pattern for the Achilles, what you will find is a vertical band to stabilize the Achilles, and a horizontal band to apply compression directly on the tendon that wraps around the ankle.

When we designed Lasso we created the same levels of compression within our sock design, so you don't need taping expertise to get the support you need to continue your day.

Lasso socks utilize two vertical bands adjacent to the ankle to stabilize the ankle, and a band that wraps around the Achilles and the your arch so that you get the Achilles support you need.

Lasso also stabilizes the ankle and supports the arch, and its specially designed compression fibers react to the way you move to only provide support when you need it.

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