What is Sever’s Disease and How Can Compression Socks Help?

What is Sever’s Disease and How Can Compression Socks Help?

SEVER'S DISEASE IS a common issue for growing children who love to play outside and be active. This condition can cause tenderness and pain in the heel that can range from mild to severe. With physical activity, it can flare up and cause missed little league practices and missed opportunities to go outside and play with friends. Continue reading to learn more about Sever’s Disease and effective ways to treat it.



What is Sever’s Disease?

In short, simply being a kid and having fun can cause Sever’s Disease. Children participating in little league, soccer, or who do a lot of running or jumping from playing outside can become affected. These movements can irritate the growth plate, leading to painful swelling and inflammation. The affected bone is also where the Achilles Tendon attaches to the heel, which is a very sensitive area. The main symptoms of Sever’s Disease are heel pain and sensitivity along with swelling. 

Typically, it affects children during the years of puberty, between ages 9 and 14. During these years, growth spurts happen frequently, which causes the muscles, bones, and tendons to mature at different rates. Because of this, the tendons and muscles can become tight with overuse and pull on the heel’s growth plate, which in turn causes pain and discomfort.

The good news is that with the proper care this condition can be treated and your child can get back to doing all of the things they love. 

Treating Sever’s Disease

Aside from rest, the most common Sever’s Disease treatment plans include both foot taping and bracing. Kinesio taping can be good for short-term use, but when used for long periods of time it can actually weaken the muscles in the ankle and foot. This is also true of using braces, as long term use can train the foot and ankle to become reliable on the support of the device. Applying KT tapes can also be complicated because it needs to be applied in a certain pattern to be effective, and this can be especially tough with a child who doesn’t want to sit still.

Another form of treatment that has been growing in popularity is using compression socks for kids.

How Compression Socks Provide Relief

Medical compression socks are quick and easy to get on, making them an effective alternative for Kinesio taping and ankle braces. Unlike taping and braces, compression socks also work to strengthen the muscles in the leg and foot overtime, meaning long-term use won’t cause other painful problems down the line. Compression socks provide the arch support needed to reinforce the growth mantle and relieve pressure on the Achilles tendon. They also provide relief by encouraging healthy blood circulation, which prevents fluid build-up, inflammation, and swelling that is so common with this Sever’s Disease.

Lasso Compression Socks

Lasso’s medical compression socks treat inflammation from all sides while reducing the common causes of it. Our SmartSupport™ technology adds extra layers of support to the back of the heel, top of the Achilles tendon, and front of the ankle. These are the problem areas created by Sever’s and support here is crucial for faster healing. Next, our StrikePadding™ structure strengthens the arch and supports the ball of the foot to lessen the pain of stepping and distributes the weight better to lessen the irritation.