How Do You Choose A Compression Sock?

How Do You Choose A Compression Sock?

WHEN MOST PEOPLE think of a compression sock, they envision uncomfortable, hard-to-get-on, tight hosiery that hinder movement and feel unbearably hot. Fortunately, people have another choice. More sports professionals, rehab therapists and sports doctors are finding that Lasso socks can provide the same great ankle support of older compression sock styles without making the wearer feel uncomfortable. These fabulous performance socks are fast becoming a popular choice for ankle injury prevention and as a supportive therapy for individuals that suffer an ankle sprain or other similar injury.



Tips on Selecting the Right Compression Socks

When looking for a reliable pair of performance socks, there are some key tips on selecting the right one. These are:

  • Should provide comfortable ankle support
  • Pick socks that are easy-to-get-on
  • Fabric should be breathable, soft, comfortable, durable and include stay-dry properties
  • Look for reinforced padding in a thin, non-bulky material
  • Need the right compression to improve blood circulation without being tight or overly restrictive
  • Ankle should feel stable and supported during typical movements
  • Benefits of Wearing Lasso Socks During High-Impact Exercise

Individuals that do high impact exercise have a greater risk of injuring their ankles if they are not properly supported. Wearing supportive shoes designed for this sort of movement is highly recommended. In addition, people should consider also wearing a good pair of compression socks to add extra support around their ankles. Like any joint, the ankle can be injured with intense use. The ankles will have a tendency to roll if they are not protected. More individuals are wearing the unbelievably comfortable Lasso socks as an injury prevention method especially designed for use during workouts, runs, sports and other strenuous types of activities.

Selecting the proper support socks is an easy and comfortable way to protect your feet and ankles from painful and sometimes serious injuries. Those that have already been injured in this manner can possibly speed their healing by wearing these protective performance socks. They are washable, strong, stay dry and feel luxuriously comfy with their cool/dry fabric features. These socks can aid individuals with circulation issues, provide extra support during aerobic activity and might improve someone's performance capabilities as well. Click here to learn more about our Lasso Athletic Compression Socks.